Model Has The Most Badass Reaction To A Wardrobe Malfunction On The Runway

Despite most models going on about mastering the perfect "walk," and "America's Next Top Model" treating it as a skill that takes years to master, it's pretty clear that the runway is usually a place where models can rarely show some skill.

But sometimes you get a badass model catching a falling accessory while striking a pose and remaining completely blue steel. And if you are unable to believe this true feat of raw human skill, neither am I.

Model Alisar Ailabouni was walking the Christian Siriano's Spring/Summer 2017 show on Sunday when the unthinkable happened. One of her earrings (which were, to be fair, quite big and heavy-looking) dropped from her ear.

I know what you are thinking. This should be put forward as a script to be made into the biggest horror film for 2017.

Luckily, Ailabouni had sufficient hand-eye coordination, was able to feel the earring slipping and held out her hand to catch the earring as it fell.

Gymnastics, diving, archery, catching earrings: You heard it here first.

Instagrammers couldn't believe their eyes.

On the video, which has racked up almost 93,000 views, one viewer commented,

I can't stop watching this it's incredible.

Another wrote,

Omg. This is AWESOME!

One exclaimed,

This video has become my inspiration for life.

I'm not fabricating. People commented that on a video of a model catching an earring.

Some people really get it all. She's a model AND has moderate hand-eye coordination? It's just NOT fair!