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Runway Model Announces She's Quitting The Industry For This One Reason


Australian model Ajak Deng, 25, announced she is quitting the fashion business and moving back home because she can longer deal with the "dramatic life."

She shared the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

In the caption, she wrote,

Ajak starred in many major fashion campaigns, and just last week, she modeled at New York Fashion Week in shows for Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.

She did not elaborate on any particular "fakes" and "lies," but her manager, Stephen Bucknall, recently told the Herald Sun the Australian fashion industry gives bigger budgets to white fashion models over black models.

Shortly after the announcement, South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul posted an Instagram supporting Ajak and urging the modeling industry to improve its treatment of black models.

In the caption, Paul said,

Ajak posted another photo to her Instagram following the announcement, thanking her supporters and assuring people she is very happy with her decision.

In the caption, Ajak said,

This is obviously a loss for the fashion industry, but all the best to Ajak for taking care of herself and living her best life.

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