Cheating Guy Goes Insane When He Gets Confronted By Two Women He's Dating

Ladies, isn't it so great to live in a world where men cheat on you and threaten to beat you up when you confront them about it?

Now, before y'all go and yell, "not all men," at me, take a look at this video of two women confronting the guy they're both seeing after realizing he cheated.

One "girlfriend" filmed the whole thing go down at the mall.  She approaches her cheating man (whose name is Sam, according to the video) as he hugs another woman in the food court and loudly asks,

Do I get a hug?

The other "girlfriend" was in on it, too. You know, because ladies have to stick together when men treat them like this.

Unfortunately, things then take kind of an alarming turn.  Sam starts swearing aggressively.

After the ladies taunt him a bit, he turns threateningly to the one filming and walks toward her as if to start a fist fight or something. The other woman attempts to hold him off and tells her to run.

Luckily, both these women seem to make it out OK, and a bystander steps in to help.

Wow, don't you just love it when men exert their physical dominance over women to control them? What a neat, fun time for all of us.

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