Mia Khalifa Savagely Calls Out Ole Miss Quarterback For Sliding Into Her DMs


Being a porn star like Mia Khalifa means constantly having to fend off advances from creeps who fall in love with her over their laptop screens.

But this 23-year-old loves to publicly shame guys who come on to her, and it's always hilarious.

Today was no exception.

The victim: Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly. He just couldn't resist sliding into Mia's DMs all sneaky-like.

He instructed her to follow him on Snapchat, adding, "Better see you at the game!"

For those who aren't aware, the Rebels blew their game against the Florida State Seminoles, 45-34.

So, Mia responded,

I'm only following you for seminole recon to find your weaknesses before the game. Also because last chance U.

Chad totally ignored the jibe, and asked her what she thought of the show.

Mia responded with all the sass:

Weakness 1: can't resist urges to slide into DM's of girls outta his league.

She screenshotted the sassy response, and posted it on Twitter in order to make him feel like a total idiot.

Get your head in the game, Chad. There's work to be done both on and off the field for you.