People Are Freaking Out Over 'Mermaid Pillows' You Can Draw On (Video)

You could alternatively title this post, "People Go Apesh*t Over White Guy Fondling Pillow." Because that's the Internet for you.

To be fair, though, the pillow is pretty cool. Journalist Steve Noviello's video of him "drawing" on a sequined pillow went viral Tuesday, racking up over 27 million views on his Facebook page.

The magic happens as a result of brushing over the fabric to change the direction of the sequins and effectively, the color.

And while the YouTube video calls the pillow Noviello's "discovery," I'd like to remind everyone of Ashley Nell Tipton's gold sequin dress from "Project Runway" season 14 that had the same effect. Because, when it comes to really important things like "Project Runway," I forget nothing.

Watch the magical mermaid pillows in action below.

FOX 4 News - Dallas-Fort Worth on YouTube

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