People Are Freaking Out Over This Mermaid Sand Sculpture's Boobs

If you thought Ariel was the most popular mermaid around, you clearly haven't seen the newest sea creature gaining a lot of attention in the news.

Apparently, Ray Roy, the owner of the Salty's Restaurant in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, has an artist erect an eye-catching sand sculpture outside of his restaurant each year. All of Cape Cod holds a sand sculpture competition each year to celebrate the summer season.

Roy's latest art installation came with an added bonus: a gigantic pair of boobs.

That's right. It turns out that this year's commissioned artist wanted to take a more free-spirited approach to his artwork by sculpting a sandy siren with a set of mermaid mounds that are anything but little.

Unfortunately, the townspeople didn't really seem to appreciate the well-endowed work of art. According to the Yarmouth police, a bunch of angry Cape Cod residents complained about the statue's scantily clad chest. The Yarmouth police had posted a picture of the sculpture on their Facebook page, but it has since been taken down due to community backlash.

Who knows? Maybe this mermaid traded bikini tops with an evil, purple octopus who promised to give her legs. Maybe this chesty sea creature left her sea shells in the dryer for too long and they shrunk a few sizes. Or maybe the maker of this statue just really, really loves big tits.

The world may never know.

But regardless of the reason, there's a lot of controversy surrounding this bosom-bearing mermaid, so it will be interesting to see what happens to this flashy fish.

Check out the video up top for a closer look at this big-breasted sand sculpture.