Here's What Men Really Think Of Women Who Sleep With Them On The First Date

The sex-on-the-first-date debate is a stale — sorry — tale as old as time.

Reddit user kmhwho asked hetero male users,

Men -- how many of you have genuinely had negative thoughts about a woman because she hooked up with you the same day you met her?

In an effort to finally nail down whether or not a woman is a disgusting slut-monster for giving it up on a first date, the dudes of Reddit swapped opinions and anecdotes.

First up: the anti-SOAFD panel.

Next up: the pro-SOAFD panel.

The bitter takeaway: Being a woman still sucks. There are men who believe they understand your sex drives better than you.

There are also men who believe it is solely the woman's responsibility to set the sexual pace with her dates, and her failure to do so in an “honorable” way will reflect poorly on her overall potential-wife score.

The only takeaway that matters: There are plenty of nonjudgmental guys looking for women whose paces match theirs, whether that means sex on the first date or sex a week later.

Don't waste time on someone hung up on your sexual preferences or you might miss out on someone who delightfully does not give a living f*ck.

Now, can we please stop debating this dumpster argument once and for all?

Hmm? No? This discussion will exist as a feeble attempt to marginalize women for as long as possible?

Well, darn.