10 Men Reveal The Women's Beauty Products They Secretly Use

The concept of gendered products is incredibly outdated. Many people — women especially, since we're often the ones targeted by gendered marketing — feel it is unnecessary (and somewhat sexist) to label a product as intended for “men” or “women” only.

But women certainly aren't the only ones effected by gendered marketing; in fact, when it comes to grooming products, we arguably fare better than guys. Female beauty buys might be pricey (that'd be the "pink tax" in action), but they're made to pamper. Guys' products are the exact opposite: Functional, but generally lacking luxury.

As such, it's not uncommon for guys to discreetly dip into their girlfriend's (or mother's, or sister's) beauty box and quietly test-drive the goods for themselves.

In fact, when Reddit user  _dicktation_ recently asked the male community what female-oriented products they enjoy using, more than 7,000 guys responded or commented (hey, boys deserve to feel pretty, too!)

Check out ten of the best responses below.

1. Seeing the little blackheads on that strip is so satisfying.

2. You ARE beautiful, StalinsLoveChild.

3. I love how specific this guy gets. They're not just "fuzzy socks," they're "aloe-infused fuzzy socks." Nice touch.

4. Well, this is just the freaking sweetest thing I've ever heard.

5. And ... not so sweet.

6. Bath bombs are pretty fun when they're not turning your skin bright pink.

7. Why? Because you guys could benefit from showering more as it is. Mystery solved.

8. The "edit" comes from approximately 500k people telling him "that's what beard oil is for."

9. World's worst gift-giver.

10. This guy is v. enthusiastic.