Here's What The Ideal Woman Looks Like, According To Men

by Anna Menta
Aleksandra Jankovic

Hey, ladies, want to hear what men think about the way you look? No?

Too bad, they're gonna tell you anyhow, so you might as well hear it from me instead.

A dating website called asked adult American men how much money they would pay to date women with specific physical qualities, like hair color, eye color and body type.

Cool, paying money to go on "dates" with women. Definitely doesn't sound like prostitution. Stay classy, dudes!

The inadvertent survey of around 175,000 men revealed most guys value a woman with brown hair, brown eyes and a hot bod. This was measured by how much more users were willing to pay to go on first dates with ladies with these attributes than the average WhatsYourPrice offer of $120.

The highest-valued physical characteristics showed "the perfect woman" has dark brown hair ($137.47), brown eyes ($133.09) and an athletic body type ($133.90).

The non-physical qualities the men valued most were non­smoker ($129.61), social drinker ($128.20), possession of a graduate degree ($138.27) and childless ($129.94).

So, great news for hot brunettes. Men are willing to pay like $140 to go on dates with you!

Isn't that nice? Doesn't that make you feel valued as human beings?

Boy, being a woman sure is fun.