A Special Fake Tan For Men Exists, So Now We Can All Have That Effortless Glow


Masculinity is so fragile, men can't even pick up a fake tan product unless it tells them it's OK, as men, to use it.

So an Australian brand created what's thought to be the first self-tanning product for men in the nation.

Bondi Sands is now selling an "everyday gradual tanning foam" for men.

There's not much difference between that product and the original non-gendered fake tan product.

Blair James, the co-founder of Bondi Sands, told the Huffington Post,

Many of my guy mates were already using our Gradual Tanning Milk and they were asking for a product that did not leave a sheen on the skin, dried faster and did not have such a sweet fragrance. We didn't create the product because men can't use any of the other products in our range, we simply believed that those guys who already tanned or wanted to start tanning would enjoy a product more tailored towards men's preferences.

So there you have it, men. You are, again, being specifically tailored to because things that smell nice are too frightening to your sense of self.

To get real, however, I do like that men are being encouraged to use this tanning foam.

Masculinity seems really hard because you're discouraged from, like, using makeup and stuff.

And that sucks because makeup is awesome.

I always felt bad for men in high school because you couldn't just cover up a zit with concealer and carry on with your day. Now I feel bad because you can't play around with eyeliner and highlighter and all that other good stuff we get.

So I appreciate that men are being welcomed into the self-tanning community.

We all know men care about their appearance and are probably more intense about "beach bodies" than women are (the women's body acceptance movement is amazing, and now it's time for men to have their own), so at least they're being gently handed something safer than tanning machines and direct sun exposure.

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