10 Men Reveal The Most Unattractive Things They Think Women Wear

For all the time us ladies spend dressing up for our significant others (or, to snag a new one), you'd think we'd have a better grasp on what guys actually like.

But the truth is, we don't dress for dudes — we dress for ourselves (and, OK, kind of also for each other). And while that pair of high-waisted jeans or those sick new heels may impress your friends, chances are, the guys just don't get it. At all.

The men of Reddit recently shared what female fashion trends are “immediate turn-offs,” and the answers might surprise you.

Check out ten of the best male responses below and see more here.

OK, yes.

That Snooki look is not cute.

Fair enough.

Uggs are a major no-no, according to the guys (sorry, ladies).

Muffin top? Not sure. But, yes.

Oh, come on, big sunglasses are GLAM. Ugh.

Just leave your eyebrows alone.

...Because we look good?

I call it "baby giraffe syndrome." And it is awkward as hell.

Pfft. Men.

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