Mattia Pelizzari

Here's Some Definitive Proof Men Actually Do Care About Valentine's Day

Ah, the old men-love-Paleo and women-love-New-Zealand gender stereotypes. Classic, right?

Er, wait. What?

According to Pinterest, that's the way it works. In a recent blog post on the social media platform's website, Pinterest released its top searches for men and top searches for women so far in 2016.

With "Paleo ideas" as the number one pin for men and "New Zealand" claiming the number two spot for women (behind "budget-friendly travel with kids"), the results are rather... eclectic.

But there is one tidbit of info that may ease some worries: The fellas care about Valentine's Day just as much as the ladies. Well, the ones who use Pinterest do, anyway, because both sexes had "Easy Valentine's Day ideas" in their top searches.

So, ladies and gents, be on the lookout for some adorably delicious heart-shaped eggs on Valentine's Day morning this year.

Cool Mom Pics

Other things men and women had in common in their searches were slow-cooker recipes and bar-cart supplies. I guess everyone likes to eat a good stew and get drunk.

But enough about equality, let's get to the differences.

Here are the top five pins from the men of Pinterest:

  • Paleo ideas
  • Pocket squares
  • Nutri Ninja smoothie recipes
  • Superbowl snack stadiums
  • Luxe watches

And here are the top five pins from the women of Pinterest:

  • Budget-friendly travel with kids
  • New Zealand
  • Glamping
  • Food in mugs
  • Going minimalist

I think this might say more about the people of Pinterest than it does about the sexes. But at least I got to learn "glamping" is, in fact, not a joke but a real thing meaning "glamorous camping." Amazing.

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