This Ad Called Freckles 'Imperfections' And People Are Furious

by Anna Menta

Good news for all the freckled folk on The company thinks you guys are imperfect, but it has faith there are some weirdos out there who are into your "imperfections."

The dating website came under fire for a recent ad posted on the London Underground featuring a red-haired woman with freckles and a tagline saying,

If you don't like your imperfections, someone else will.

Mashable reports a spokesperson for said the company is currently taking steps to have the poster removed., if by "imperfections" you mean something "cute as hell," then I agree freckles are "imperfections."

The people of London did not take too kindly to this low-key freckle-shaming. Many people posted signs on top of the ad in protest and shared their anger on Twitter.

Many think it's pretty rude to describe a common physical feature as an "imperfection."

Some people even claim the company is judging by skin tone.

The gingers are not happy at all.

Dafuq this all about? My freckles imperfect or something? being #ginger imperfect? @Match #UseALittleBrainsNxtTime — Mathew Waters (@MathewWaters) April 12, 2016

It's bringing back bad memories of bullying for some.


Listen, as a heavily freckled person myself, I can tell you messed with the wrong people. We are totally prepared to fight anyone at any time over the smallest, most inoffensive things. Clearly.

Mashable reports a representative of the dating site released a statement after the site received complaints.

In the statement, the company told Mashable,

We have taken note of the response about our advert concerning freckles. Following this feedback, we are in discussions with our relevant partners about removing these posters as soon as possible. We believe freckles are beautiful. The intention of our 'Love Your Imperfections' campaign is to focus on the quirks and idiosyncrasies that people wrongly perceive to be imperfections – this can include freckles, a feature that is sometimes seen as an imperfection by people who have them. We're sorry if this ad has been interpreted in a different way and we [apologize] for any [offense] caused, this was not our intention. Our overall campaign is all about celebrating perceived physical and [behavioral] imperfections, from having freckles to being chubby, messy or clumsy. The adverts are designed to encourage everyone to be proud of their individuality, as the features that make us unique are often the ones that make us most attractive.

Man, no justice for a freckled, white girl in this society, am I right?

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