Man Wakes Up From Week-Long Coma To Find Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Arron Honzik, a 25-year-old man from Middlesbrough, England, was expected to die after a terrible car accident that took place last week.

After suffering spinal injuries and reacting badly to an aesthetic drug, his doctors put him into an induced coma, according to the Gazette Live.

Just when his future wasn't looking bright, a miracle happened.

Honzik woke up from his coma on Friday. And to top it all off, he woke up to the news that he'd soon become a father.


His girlfriend, Chloe Spriggs, wrote him an adorable note from the perspective of their child and gave it to him in his room at James Cook University Hospital. It's sure to make your heart swoon.

The handwritten card says,

We have waited so long for this special day... Surprise, our new baby is on the way! Baby Honzik due June 2017. Now let's get you better because we need you home. Can't wait to meet you!

Are you crying yet? Because I am.

Once Honzik received the news, he filmed himself telling his loved ones about the couple's pregnancy. Chloe then posted the video onto her Facebook page.

It's so outrageously heartwarming that it's already gotten over 3,000 shares.

The video begins with Honzik nonchalantly breaking the news he's got a child on the way. He says,

Alright, just a little video saying me and Chloe are expecting a baby in June next year, so, nice little surprise for us this morning when we found out.

Uh, yeah -- just a little surprise! Congrats, you two!

The footage then cuts into different moments of him telling his family about the news. Naturally, they're all completely overjoyed.

Apparently, friends and family of the lucky couple have been showering them with love, support and baby gifts.


Chloe spoke with the Gazette Live and talked about her excitement about their pregnancy. She said,

I'm only around six weeks but we've been trying for ages... It's given us all something to look forward to.

It has been reported that Arron's injuries from the accident are potentially life-changing, but the fact that he's alive to become a father has proven miracles do exist.

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