Man Live-Tweets Flight With Emotional Support Duck: 'Quacking Eases The Sadness'

Guys, I have a juicy secret that I'm about to tell you.

I'm almost 25 years old, and I stepped foot onto an airplane for the first time just a few months ago.

OK, OK -- I guess it wasn't that juicy. But it's still a secret that I don't like to admit, because usually people take their first flights when they're kids.

But, of course, I waited over two decades to find out what it was like to soar above the clouds.

As you could assume, I was a nervous wreck during my first take-off.

I tried chugging wine to ease my nerves before we boarded, but that only made me a paranoid, nauseous maniac.

If only I was as lucky as Mark Essig, a recent flier who sat near an emotional support duck during his flight from Charlotte to Asheville.


According to Mashable, the duck, whose name was Daniel, accompanied his owner during the plane ride and sat in the isle near Essig the entire time.

Essig, thrilled at the sight of the winged passenger, live-tweeted his entire experience.

First, he adorably called the duck "handsome" and mentioned his "gentle quacking."


Then he shared a photo of Daniel looking pensive and sophisticated while staring out the window into the clouds.

TBH, this looks like a scene out of a movie where Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" should start playing in the background, but I won't digress.


Regardless of his intense cloud-gazing, there's no doubt Daniel is a happy flier. Essig caught him wagging his tail and quacking in the isle, and we can't handle the cuteness.


I'm usually not a fan of birds, but I would really love to spend my future flights sitting next to an emotional support duck like Daniel.

He's definitely way more composed than I ever am, that's for sure.