Man Trolls Guy Trying To Get With His Sister Using Hannibal Lecter Quotes


Cuffing season is over, and the stragglers who haven't found winter soulmates come out at night to engage unwilling targets in endless conversations in loud bars.

Imgur user lucy2shoes was tired of being harangued by thirsty dudes whose Tinders lie dusty and silent, so she enlisted her brother to handle her light work.

She shared,

Her brother kicks off the convo with some classic Hannibal psychiatry.

He tosses in a compliment meant to be read in Anthony Hopkins' terrifying voice, of course.

Even when it seems Thirsty Bar Dude, or TBD, will give up, he keeps pushing straight through the weirdness.

TBD insists, though not convincingly, he isn't tracing Hannibal's whereabouts.

Things start (or continue?) to get confusing, but that won't stop ol' TBD.

TBD is just looking for constant attention and none of that “deep stuff.”


Oh...uh…relatively unfazed, forever confused.

Give it up, TBD, or you might lose your liver.

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