Best Boyfriend Ever Travels Over 6,000 Miles To Surprise His Girlfriend (Video)

A few years ago, I spent a summer in China and was prepared, upon my return, to spend a lonely 13-hour layover in Chicago before returning to New York.

When I arrived at O'Hare, I stepped off the plane and watched loved ones hold each other tight as I pulled a wad of spandex out from between my butt cheeks and adjusted my bike shorts.

As I walked toward the escalator, planning to grab my bags and spend the evening napping in an airport Pizza Hut, I felt someone following me.

I turned around to confront my future murderer, wondering momentarily if he had selected me due to my bravado during the whole bike shorts thing, and saw my then-boyfriend standing before me.

“I KNEW you'd come,” I said, pretending I wasn't about to try and trip him theatrically with my luggage and run, just like the hijinks of Kevin McCallister taught me years before.

He had booked a room at a nearby hotel where I showered and changed and became a human woman again after my 15-hour flight.

As we sat down to dinner, eating greasy, processed American food again for the first time and feeling truly blessed, I thought, “I love you, loaded nachos.”

Anyway, Denmark resident Mathias Skaarup did something similar for his girlfriend, Anna.

While their story lacks wedgies or nachos or Lou Ferrigno (whom my then-boyfriend ran into while checking into the hotel), it is almost as romantic as the one I so thoughtfully shared.

Watch the video below to see their story, and cast your vote aloud on whose is truly more romantic.

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