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Man Proposes To His GF With Love Letters Over 3 Years

Honestly, I've always thought Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly from "The Office" were goals to end all goals when it came to just about everything in the relationship department (never mind that they aren't actually real people).

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Jim and Pam started off as friend goals, and then they were relationship goals. Eventually, they were proposal goals (when else is a proposal at a gas station romantic?!), and finally, they were marriage goals.

But I think I may just have to re-evaluate my standards, thanks to Candice and Tim.

Ann Marie Yuen

The two didn't live far apart from one another, but still, over the course of their three-year relationship, Tim sent Candice a total of 14 love letters, each one beginning with an intricately drawn, capitalized letter.

Candice said,

Little did she know, after she had received all 14 letters, the capital letters would  be arranged to spell out Candice's marriage proposal:

Candice Catherine

And, guys, just like Jim bought Pam's engagement ring only a week after they started dating, TIM STARTED PLANNING THIS PROPOSAL A WEEK INTO THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

I know. I have chills, too.

Tim took his now-wife on a surprise trip to Hamilton Island, followed by a picnic at Watsons Bay (where they had their first date), before he revealed the hidden message behind his letters to her.

Ann Marie Yuen

Candice described the magical day,

As most of us would, Candice burst into tears when she realized the letters spelled out his proposal to her.

Ann Marie Yuen

According to Candice, grand, romantic gestures like this one are the norm for her husband, because of course they are.

The 25-year-old said,

And, just like my other favorite couple, Candice and Tim started off as good friends before they took things to the next level.

Candice said,

In case you didn't already realize, the bar has officially been raised for all future marriage proposals. Good luck topping this one, guys.

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