Family Keeps Late Wife's Memory Alive With Most Heartwarming Tribute

Of our five main senses, smell is often said to have the strongest ties to memory, but the fleeting scents of lost loved ones can be difficult to cling to forever.

After Imgur user emperorzar's wife died, the couple's shared appreciation for candles and the waxy remains of ones they had retired made for the perfect craft to keep the wife's memory alive.

Emperorzar chipped the wax remains from their various candle jars…


Melted the nine scents down separately…


…and layered them to create a fragrant homage.


The craft paid off immediately. Emperorzar shared,

This project was a way to help me and my kids cope with our loss. It is a part of our grieving process. And we can smell all those familiar smells again.

With luck, this candle will burn slowly.

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