Man Decides To Wax His Hair And Actually Ends Up Waxing His Butt Shut


Everyone can agree that personal grooming is great. Great until, that is, things go horribly wrong and you end up with your butt waxed shut.

Such is the case with one man who attempted to wax his butt by himself. Turns out that was a huge mistake.

In a post on Reddit, BiPolarAmpersand announced his problem to fellow users with the title: "Dear Reddit, Today, I Fucked Up." From there, he goes into one hilarious, butt-waxing melodrama, writing,

Using a self-waxing kit, this dude got a mirror, squatted down and went to work. But after pulling the strip back, he realized he messed up -- BIG TIME. As he explains in his post,

Should someone call an ambulance for this guy?? Just when you start to actually worry, he updates his post with this:

"The stickiness never leaves you." Someone needs to print that on a bumper sticker.

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