Man Catfishing Women By Pretending To Be NFL Star Blows His Own Cover On FB


If you're a Miami Dolphins football fan, you probably have no idea who "Maserati Rick" is.

However, if you're a girl using Tinder in the Miami area, you might've crossed his path.

"Maserati Rick" — whose real name is Ricardo Agnant — has been catfishing women in Florida for three years and telling them he plays for the Dolphins in the NFL.


His fake Dolphins persona quickly came to an end after he commented on a Facebook post that instantly drew negative attention his way.

Last week, Washington linebacker Lynden Trail shared a status on Facebook that asked his followers why "Black athletes with money marry white women?"

Agnant left controversial comments under his Facebook name "Maserati Rick" saying "black woman are stubborn, close minded and always want to argue" and are "not coachable."

Meanwhile, he said a white woman "knows her position and accepts her role as a woman and let her man lead."

Um, excuse me?


After leaving the highly offensive comments, Robert Littal of Black Sports Online did his own investigation on "Maserati Rick," since his information claimed he was a player in the NFL.

After asking someone from the Dolphins about him, Littal found out even the team doesn't know who he is.

Following the confusion, Littal confirmed "Maserati Rick" was actually Ricardo Agnant.

It's been reported Agnant participated in the NFL Regional Combine at the Dolphins' training center in 2014 and hasn't been involved with the NFL ever since.

He's held onto that experience and has tricked people into thinking he plays professionally by manipulating photos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. He even claimed to be a police officer at one point.


He edited his pictures so you can't see which number is his... because he's not on the Dolphins.


After the article was posted that completely blew Maserati's cover, he changed the names on his social media pages so no one could find him.

It looks like he won't be catfishing any women in the near future.

Let's hope women on Tinder swipe left next time they come across his profile.

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