Strangers Post Best Message On Girl's Lost Phone After Finding It At Festival

Losing your phone at a festival could potentially ruin your entire experience. Not only would you feel stranded, with no way to contact your friends if you lost them, but also, any photos you snapped at the festival would be gone forever.

It could have turned out that way for Reading Festival-goer Kayleigh Budd. Luckily, her lost phone fell into the hands of a group of girls who left an adorable video message after they found it.

They brought it to the lost and found section at the festival after recording the message.

Here's what their message said:

Hi, we found your phone. So, it's at lost property – we hope you find it. I'm Charley, this is Zoe and that's Georgia. So, have a sick rest of Reading and don't worry we hope you… see this when you find it.

Kayleigh tweeted their generous (and glittery) message once she got her phone back.

How cute is that? They even blew kisses! I love it.

It's safe to say that this is a festival miracle. It seems like Kayleigh found not only her phone, but also some new friends. I mean, they were at the same festival. So, they must have something in common.

Because the internet is truly amazing sometimes, the girls and Kayleigh found each other on Twitter soon after she tweeted their video message.

Let this be a reminder that kindness goes a long, long way. So if you ever find someone's phone, do the right thing and record a nice video message before you hand it in.

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