New App Shows How Crowded Bars Are So You Can Avoid Another Lame Night

by John Haltiwanger

Some people love hanging out in packed bars. They're all about the noise and general chaos of it all.

Others prefer to find a nice, quiet place where they don't have to strain their vocal cords just to order a drink.

Whatever you happen to prefer, a new app called Looop helps you determine how crowded a bar is before you even get there.

So, if you're at one bar and the crew wants to make a move, you can check what the atmosphere is like at the next spot and see if it's worth going... depending on what you're looking for.

As Looop's website describes it,

Whether you're looking for the party, trying to avoid the crowd or something in between, Looop will help you decide where to go.

This app is perfect for Thanksgiving Eve, when a lot of high schools have reunions at local bars across the country.

In other words, this app is ideal for avoiding bars full of people who haven't seen each other in years, but are trying to get drunk enough to forget the fact that they never really liked each other.

CJ Bertram, Looop's CEO, understands just how frustrating it can be to try to find the right place when you're out and about with friends.

Speaking with Elite Daily, Bertram described how the app was born:

The idea for Looop came from a series of events. While working in finance, friends and colleagues would ask me for suggestions about a good place to have a business drink or a date, each person wanting a certain atmosphere or vibe. On NYE, I met up with some friends two hours or so before midnight, and no one had any idea where we were gonna bring in the new year. To my surprise, I was supposed to find us a chill spot that night, but I never got the memo. As I called and texted everyone in my phone book, a friend walked over sipping his drink and said 'I wish there wasn't so much guesswork.' That's when it finally clicked.

Now that you know its origin story, here's how Looop works.

When you launch the Looop app, it takes you to a "marketplace of venues," which is a fancy way of saying a list of bars.


Once you select a bar, the app gives you real-time analysis of how packed it is, with four different "activity zones." They are relaxed, active, lively and hot.


"Relaxed" is for people who are looking to go to a bar and have a drink in peace.

"Active" is for people who are looking for a place that's not completely empty, but also not full of frat bros taking Jell-O shots.

"Lively" is for people who are potentially looking for a chance to show off their killer dance moves (or lack thereof).

"Hot" is for people who want to have an insane night that they will inevitably regret and try to cure with Seamless and Netflix the next day.

The app also gives you more details about whichever bar you're checking out (like hours of operation), and you can even book an Uber or Lyft through the app.

It also gives you a 360-degree view of the bar you're looking into, which is particularly helpful if you've never been there before.

So, what are you waiting for? The night awaits.

Learn more about Looop by clicking here.