Here's The Reason You Should Look At Your Nipples Before Buying New Lipstick

Susana Ramírez

The next time a Sephora sales rep tries to coerce you into buying a lipstick that isn't your shade, excuse yourself and go take a gander at your boobs.

This is not a drill, ladies. Your nipples are your best beauty tool, so work those babies to your advantage.

Consider this the last time you'll be suckered into a product you don't need.

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No need to thank us, this is what we're here for.

According to "The Doctors," a talk show specializing in health news, all you need to do to figure out the perfect nude lipstick shade is to peak inside your bra and take a look at your nipples.

It finally makes sense to me why the "Wine With Everything" lipstick I snagged at Ulta just wasn't cutting it.

"Oh so simple — nature knows best," Dr. Travis Stork jokes as the crowd bursts into laughter.

So simple, and probably more effective than wasting your time — and your cash — in the beauty department.

Oh goodness... what a beauty hack, huh? Take a look at the nip ( I mean, clip) for yourself:

"Go ahead and laugh, I bet at least 75 percent of the women watching will explore this new possibility before the sun rises," one of the hosts jokes. "We might not talk about it, you're laughing, but some people are going to the restroom right now to look."

Some women are commenting on the YouTube video, saying this is not an option... for obvious reasons.


Others are offering their own beauty hacks for finding that perfect shade.

"... look at what your natural lip color already is and just enhance that."


So this "hack" might be a lifesaver for some, and it might be ridiculous to others -- but one thing is for sure: Whether or not this actually does work, we have to wonder where exactly Kylie Jenner is finding this color.


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