Kid Realizes Lollipop Is Stuck To Head, Has Epic Reaction

Kids do the darndest things.

As adults, our signature surprised facial expression typically shows after we've just realized we accidentally left our iPhone in the back of an Uber.

Other shock-inducing, everyday life situations include realizing you accidentally "liked" your archenemy's Instagram photo. We've all been there.

As kids, however, unappreciated surprises mean accidentally shitting your pants or simply walking in on your parents placing your gifts under the Christmas tree during the holidays.

But who knew it could ever mean realizing your lollipop is stuck to your fucking head?

Did I stutter?

That's what happened to one shocked AF kid when his family members pointed out the massive lolly that somehow became entangled in his hair. The look on his face after the rather unusual discovery? Priceless.

His reaction is all of us after finding a massive sack of real cash.

The 23-second clip appropriately titled "Doh!" begins with a little boy smiling from ear to ear. He's happy... but he has no idea his lollipop is stuck to his head.


As his good ole family members laugh their asses off, his cheerful facial expression suddenly falls flat. It's almost as if he finally realized something was terribly wrong.


Finally, he reaches up only to find out his "sucker" is practically glued to his freakin' cranium. But how the hell did that happen?




And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how viral memes are born.


Unfortunately for us, we'll never know how long it took to get the lollipop out of this little kid's hair since the video cuts out abruptly before we have a chance to see.


But hey, look on the bright side! We might not know how this lollipop ordeal ended, but at least we have a new meme we can use for, well, just about anything good (or bad).

Check out the hilarious clip above!