That Small Little Pocket On Your Jeans Is Actually There For A Reason


Hey guys, it's me, your resident jean-wear detective.

I've already blown one jean conspiracy wide open today — why jeans have those weird little buttons on the pockets — and now I'm about to rock your world with another jean fun fact. What can I say, the people wanted more.

Imagine: You're going about your business, wearing your favorite pair of denims, trying to stash the change you got from your McChicken Wrap order into your pocket.

Much to your dismay, your pocket seems way too small to fit any reasonable amount of change in it. What's going on?

Ugh, it's that stupid, tiny pocket-within-a-pocket getting in the way again. Why is that even there?!?


Well as it turns out, my lovely jean-wearing friends, it's there for a real, historical reason.

This tiny little excuse for a pocket was actually originally intended for men who wore pocket watches.

It's officially called "the watch pocket," according to the Levi Strauss & Co blog, and it was meant as easily accessible, protective storage for all those pocket watches back in the day.


Good to know! Even if the only people carrying pocket watches nowadays are either pretentious AF or very old and British, I'm sure it was a useful feature way back then.

If I ever acquire a pocket watch, I know just where to put it. Thanks, Levi!

And please, if anyone has any more questions about jeans that I can answer, send 'em my way. This has been another successful, very serious and hardcore investigation into the mysterious world of denim.

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