Little Girl Thinks Water Heater Is A Robot Friend In Most Wholesome Video Ever


A tiny girl encountered a broken water heater on the street and decided it was a robot.

This is the cutest video you will see all day.

Do you miss innocence? Do you miss imagination — the power to believe your surroundings are, in fact, fantastical rather than banal and numbingly political?

Do you recall the days when you actually got to spend time outside, and that time outside wasn't for exercise purposes nor for transportation, but rather, to simply be a citizen of this planet and enjoy the air, the creatures and the broken water heaters of your surroundings?

If any of those sentiments apply to you, then this video will break your heart.

It portrays a young, tiny girl, apparently named Rayna, meeting a robot.

But it is not, in fact, a robot. It is merely a broken water heater left on a curb. But to Rayna, it is a new friend, already beloved.

YouTube/Daily Mail

Rayna encounters the water heater robot. She greets it. She tells it she loves it. She gives it a hug. And then she turns to the manhole next to it.

Ah, even young robot love is fleeting.

The video went viral as it spread from YouTube to Reddit to Twitter.

Twitter user Ben Tolmachoff unsuspectingly went viral posting it on March 27. He says he was not involved in the filming and does not know Rayna, he just liked the video.

The responses to Tolmachoff's tweet show a range of human emotion.

Of course, there are the many responses squealing over the adorableness of the encounter.


There are responses that make you think.


Mainly, they make you think things like, "Oh my God, there are probably so many germs and toxins on that thing."

There are musings on the current state of the coming robot uprising.


And, of course, there is a couple publicly debating the pros and cons of conceiving a child themselves.


Life! What a beautiful thing.

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