Savage Little Girl Writes Brutally Honest Poem For Her Bald Uncle


Woah, woah, woah, little girl, bald people have feelings, too, you know.

This catty toddler was obviously having a real bad day when she penned this crushing poem to her uncle.

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This is how the masterpiece goes:

*Clears throat* NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Bald Man Rose are red, violets are blue, and you are still BALD, and you cannot change that at all!!!!!


Check out this little girl spewing her vile bald hatred with every color in the rainbow. She has no chill.

We hope Mr. Uncle isn't easily offended because this is one huge piece of negativity no one needs in his or her life.

The outrageous poem found its way onto Reddit, like most things in this world. User TheToolMan wrote,

My young niece and I send each other funny cards in the mail sometimes. Her latest one really cut me deep.

Embrace the baldness, Mr Uncle. Grow out the beard instead. Or, if you've still got a little bit of hair, shave it real short and keep your facial hair at the same length for that awesome head-beard look. Very strong.

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