Little Girl Sends A Letter Asking For Police Cats And Gets The Cutest Reply

Eff. This is adorable as hell.

We all know there are police dogs, but why is there no such thing as police cats? I mean, yes, sure, all cats secretly want the destruction of the human race and would without question extinguish a human life if ever given the ability, but wouldn't that be a bonus? It's that cutthroat attitude that would sort of make them ruthless defenders of the law.

A 5-year-old girl named Eliza was wondering the same thing, so she decided to send the cutest letter of all time to the Durham Constabulary to find out why cats don't get a shot at the force.

(Oh, by the way, some police departments in the UK are called constabularies, which is the most British fact on the planet.)

The letter from Eliza lays out her points very eloquently.


Cats WOULD be great listeners, and they ARE great at finding their ways home!

The letter stumped the police, who wrote Eliza an even cuter letter back.


In his response, Chief Constable Michael Barton even included a cat on the back of the letter to show how serious he was.


So, police cats may be things! Next stop, iguana secretaries. Please. Somebody make these happen.

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