Little Girl With Prosthetic Leg Has Best Reaction To Receiving Lookalike Doll

When a 10-year-old girl named Emma got an American Girl doll from her parents as a present, she was so happy, she cried.

Now, not that regular American Girl dolls aren't rad enough to cry over, but this was no ordinary doll. This was a doll equipped with a prosthetic leg from company called A Step Ahead Prosthetics.

This doll is particularly special to Emma because she also has a prosthetic leg.

Emma's mother, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, from Cypress, Texas, got her daughter's reaction to the doll on video and posted it on Facebook on Wednesday.

The video has since been shared over 100,000 times.

It's a seriously sweet and emotional video I would recommend watching -- but only if you're prepared to cry on the spot.

Emma said, through tears, while hugging her new doll,

It's got a leg like me! I love you!

On the website of the company that gave the family the doll, A Step Ahead Prosthetics explains why it doesn't charge for customizing them.

The company said,

We are NOT charging for the customization; we feel that it is absolutely crucial to boost the self-confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of inclusion for little girls with limb loss, and that something as small as a doll that resembles them can have a profound effect on their mental and physical well-being. In that spirit, anyone with a child who has had or is facing an amputation is welcome to send us an American Girl doll which we will happily modify with a prosthetic limb (or limbs) to match the child.

OK, so I'm going to go cry over how beautiful this all is now.

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