Little Girl Blaming Super Loud Fart On Ghost Is The Most Amazing Excuse Ever

by Alexandra Strickler

A young vlogger has gone viral after her older sister posted a video of her passing gas on camera and blaming it on a ghost.

Cyandra Galarza's video, which currently has over 10,000 views, begins innocently enough, as the camera captures her enjoying a YouTube video.


How meta of you, Cyandra.

She eventually makes her way to her closet to pick out an outfit.

"I have nothing to wear!" she says, throwing her hands up and huffing a familiar sigh.


Girl, I feel you.

I can only assume that as she continues searching for the perfect outfit (I personally want to know where she's going in those fun, tie dye shorts), Cyandra feels her stomach rumbling and grumbling.

Uh oh. She's about to have a bigger problem than simple wardrobe troubles.


As the fart escapes from her body, Cyandra is clearly horrified.

She's probably thinking, "Why don't I know how to edit videos?! Why didn't I poop before making this video?? WHY DO FARTS EVEN EXIST?"

Instead of revealing what HAD to have been her genuine inner dialogue, Cyandra, like the pro vlogger she is, played dumb and skirted the blame.

She asked,

Did you guys hear that?

Yeah, Cyandra. We heard it.

She said,

I'm scared... I don't know what was that guys, and I didn't... do that. I'm scared."

Funny enough, she never specifically blames the fart on paranormal activity.

But she totally does not take responsibility for it, either.

I'm sure Cyandra thinks she was being super slick, but come on — that pause between "I didn't" and "do it" is a painful giveaway.

Her lovely sister, Ceryna Galarza, obviously capitalized on her sister's embarrassing moment by posting the video to Twitter, because how could she not?

The tweet already has over 30,000 retweets and it's been favorited nearly 50,000 times.

My advice to Cyandra: Don't be ashamed of your flatulence. Everyone does it! Also: Keep your YouTube account away from your sister.

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