Little Boy's Adorable Texts To Older Sister Left The Entire Internet In Tears


It's the kind of powerful sibling bond you never had with your brother or sister growing up.

But these guys have got it, and they're dominating the family game.

Let's introduce Belle, 17, and Ryan, 8, Muñoz.

The family home is in Fate, Texas, but last week Belle was away on a tournament in Corsicana, around an hour away.

The tournament must have been a success because it looks like Ryan dropped her a congratulatory text from his dad's phone.

He said,

Hey sissy it's Ryan I just really miss you and love you and right now mom and dad are here they're at Pat's and Helen's and I'm super glad that you guys one (sic) so I really miss you and I love you sincerely Ryan Munoz Elijah.

Little Ryan melted our hearts with this message. That was enough. He could have won the internet with that alone.

But he continued to share the love, and the string of texts that followed will make you reach out to your sibling and spout cheesy lines you'll probably cringe over later.

No, Ryan, stop. The world is weeping over your poetic words.

Ryan is already crying! His chat is sweeter than cinnamon rolls and we can't get enough.

Then this happened:

He hit us with the crying selfie. My god. There are not enough tissues in the world.

Can we talk about how Ryan told his sister to be prepared to be hugged to death -- I don't think I've seen such originality in texts since, well, ever!

Belle told Elite Daily,

He sends many sweet texts like this but I decided to share to show how cute he is and how pure little humans are and haven't yet been pressured into not showing affection, because in today's society it's such a weakness. The second day I was gone he was texting me those sweet, sweet messages, and it really touched me that he was crying, because every time my parents and I talk about me leaving for college he cries and wants to spend time with me. He even has a countdown.

The internet felt Ryan's pain. We're here for you, Ryan.

@bellemunzo POOR LITTLE RYAN — Noah (@BoyleNoah) November 19, 2016
@bellemunzo — (@Passinggirl_) November 20, 2016

But yeah, as I said earlier, not everyone's sibling relationship is as peachy.

*Phones sister behind tear-soaked eyes.*

No answer.

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