Security Guard Has Most Casual Reaction To Breaking Leg While Chasing Fan


This is like the least dramatic leg break ever. But that's only because this guy has the most laid-back reaction of all time.

A security guard was forced to chase down a fan who went rogue and ran onto the field at the Giants and Cardinals game in San Francisco last week.

He's wearing massive sunglasses and kind of looks like the guy from "The Hangover." That T-shirt he's got on probably has "wolfpack" written on it.

The guy's bounding across the field (quite elegantly, I might add) when he spots a security guard waiting for him in crouching tiger position.

The guard pounces on him, but slips on the ground and breaks his leg in the process:

I don't know if this guard lacked calcium in his diet as a kid or something, but it took literally nothing to fully twist his leg and snap it clean off his knee.


The maverick doesn't roll around in pain. Instead, he holds down the fan before tapping on a colleague's shoulder and hopping off the field.