If You're Left-Handed, Your iPhone Probably Won't Get As Much Service

Being a leftie in a world full of righties can definitely have its drawbacks.

Simple tasks like opening a can or using a pair of scissors instantly become a lot harder when you're a leftie.

And if you thought constantly smudging pen ink across everything was the greatest inconvenience that comes along with being left-handed, I have some bad news for you.

Apparently, being a leftie can affect how well your cell phone works.

That's right. The Nordic Council of Ministers recently commissioned a report that looked at how effectively smartphones transmit radio signals and found that certain phones, like the iPhone, work better when you hold them in your right hand.

So then, what's the deal with smartphones discriminating against lefties?

Well apparently, it all has to do with the position of the antenna that's hidden inside of your phone.

Since you can't see exactly where the antenna lies, you may be holding your phone in a way that blocks the radio signals without the slightest clue.

Luckily, researchers in Denmark set out to find the best way to hold your phone by creating a special system that tested the signal strength of smartphones when held in a variety of positions.

The researchers determined that left-handed iPhone users were definitely at a disadvantage since the 6, 6s and 6s Plus models all had better reception when held in the right hand.

The call strength for the 6s models was also a lot lower for lefties, which could shed some light on why you seem to deal with a lot more dropped calls than your right-handed friends.

However, you don't have to give up all hope and swap out your iPhone for one of those OG flip phones with the pop-up antenna just yet.

The researchers found that other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge actually work better when held in the left hand.

So, this is definitely something you might want to keep in mind before you drain your bank account for that new iPhone 7.

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