Guy Does The Funniest Thing After His Last Day At Burger King, Because YOLO


Most of us only dream about walking out on our day jobs with our middle fingers raised and fireworks blasting in the background. One guy actually did it, in a sense.

After quitting his job at Burger King, Twitter user and legit maverick @johnalexcorrea took off with all the chicken nuggets he could carry. He then drove off with them buckled up in the front passenger seat of his car... because he's a responsible nugget thief.

Though the initial tweet has since been deleted, UPROXX reports the message read something like this:

Well played, sir.

After garnering media attention and a crew of Twitter idols, there's no telling what the future holds for @johnalexcorrea. My bets are on him starting a social movement.

His philosophy seems like something we can all get behind:

Simple, but profound.

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