Students Get To Wear Whatever For Graduation And Of Course They Take It Too Far


Graduation gowns are kind of the worst.

No matter how pretty your school colors are, these robes always end up looking butt ugly.

And the polyester slowly suffocates you while you sit for hours and hours, watching people you don't even know (and will likely never seen again) walk across a stage and receive a piece of paper that isn't even their actual degree.

As bad as this graduation garb is, I'm not sure Kyoto University's approach is any better.


The school allows students to wear whatever they want to the graduation ceremony.


At first glance, this sort of sounds like a good idea...


But in practice... gets a little out of hand.

I mean, I'll give them props for creativity.

I have to admit, this one is pretty adorable.

But answer this: Doesn't this graduation look like a scene from your worst nightmare?

Oh hey, Jesus.

Is it just me, or do these students not even look happy?

So much dedication.

Can you even image if students put this much effort into actual schoolwork?

They arranged a damn flash mob FFS!!

Despite this particularly bizarre tradition, Kyoto University is actually a very well-ranked school. It's the second-best global university in Japan, and the seventh-best global school in Asia.

The school is said to have a pretty liberal academic culture with relatively open-minded dialogue.

Oh, fun fact: A Kyoto University professor's research apparently concluded sperm swim to a beat.


Kenta Ishimoto, who works as an assistant professor of applied mathematics at the University, found the sperm's tail creates a “four-beat” rhythm, which pushes the sperm forward, but also pulls the head backward and sideways.

To say Kyoto University is a unique place to seek higher education is a pretty huge understatement.

So, if you're looking for a school with cutting-edge research projects, and you also happen to be super into cosplay, it just might be the perfect place for you!

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