Kid Finds Genius Way To Shorten School Punishment

I'm all about that "work smart, not hard" lifestyle.

As a kid, I was constantly trying to weasel my way out of chores, homework, responsibilities, moving my own legs...

(I used to climb trees and jump out of them, hoping to break my legs so I could get a wheelchair. OK, that was a bad example of "smart, not hard." Where were my parents?)

Check out how this little lazy genius figured out how to shorten their punishment:


It's around the point that he, or she hits their sixth sentence that you can tell they said to themselves, "Wait... a minute... I have an idea."

He certainly made a better choice right away by treating his assignment like this and vertically connecting letters down through various lines.

Honestly, this innovation is what America needs.

I mean, Bill Gates said it himself,

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

I used to do exactly what this kid did in my spelling classes. We were forced to write every word 10 times, which I found tedious and annoying.

After all, by sixth grade we already had spellcheck. What's the point?

Look at me now! I failed spelling, and I get paid to write. Thank you, spellcheck and autocorrect, the true heroes of this world.

I looked up other ways to work smart and not hard on the old, and one example was:

If you see something that needs to be done in two minutes, and you have time, just do it then and there.

While in practice it makes sense, it would only take me two minutes to take out my trash, or to wash my dishes from lunch...

Hopefully, this teacher will understand that their student is brilliant and not force them to write this assignment over again.

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