Ken Bone Had The Most Ken Bone Response To Snoop Dogg Inviting Him To Smoke

Presidential debate star Kenneth Bone is out there doing exactly what he should: soaking up every second of that 15 minutes of fame.

He's selling shirts, making cable news appearances and going on the radio (both nationally and internationally). He's doing it all, man, and he's getting some celebrity attention for it, too.

Ken Bone had the honor of getting invited to "smoke one" with none other than Snoop Dogg himself.

Now, if Snoop Dogg calls, you better answer. It can be a full 24 hours later, but the answer better come.

And Ken Bone's answer sure did, in the most Kenneth Bone way.

First off, the typo is exactly what you'd expect from a not-so-young-man who just arrived on Twitter this week -- and we'll just assume he meant "with" instead of "worth."

Secondly, and most importantly, only Ken Bone can make smoking with "the Dogg" sound as innocent as he did by inviting his dad out of nowhere. In fact, Ken Bone has made a lot of things we usually make fun of sound cute and innocent.

Before last week, we were all like "Who the hell is an undecided voter in October in an election with these candidates!?"

Now we're all like, "Aww, look at Ken Bone, focusing on the issues and making a thorough decision."

And ripping the seat of your pants? That was once the ultimate clown move -- that is, until Ken Bone stepped on the scene.

Twitter/Ken Bone

Let's not even start on the fact that it's olive.

Anyway, Ken Bone has made this election better. There's no doubt about that. He even has people making songs in his honor.

Well. That was that. Here's a little folk ditty for Ken Bone. Because why not. — (((Jonathan Mann))) (@songadaymann) October 10, 2016

I couldn't agree with the contents of the song more.

Oh Kenneth Bone, you make us all feel less alone, in this bizarro phantom zone, in this darkest of timelines. You had your moment, yeah, you completely owned it, yeah.

Yup, we all feel less alone. Until next week when we forget his name.

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