Kelly Oxford

This Mom Uses Twitter To Document All The Hilarious Things Her 7-Year-Old Says

Today's unlikely source of inspiration comes from 7-year-old Bea.

She may only be a tiny human, but her worldly comments will give you so much life.

Take a look at this:

Bea is the daughter of Kelly Oxford, a New York Times writer and best selling author. She also makes no effort to hide her shameless obsession with McDonald's.

Kelly's been documenting her daughter's hilarious soundbites for some time now, and from the look of her Twitter and Instagram feed, the mother-daughter duo is always down for an adventure.

Bea is living the dream. Especially in Insta posts like this one:

The little one's got killer style as well:

But it's not just Bea who gets all the love. Her brother's had much airtime too. He's got a niche skill flipping water bottles:

The family does movie night in a big way:

And quality time together means a swimming pool and floating unicorn:

They've even got a safety-conscious dog:

Yep, the whole squad seems beyond perfect. Family goals.