Guy's Passive Aggressive Method For Shaming Messy Roommate Has Twitter In Tears


Having a messy roommate can be tough — trust me, I know.

When the person you're living with refuses to do the dishes on the reg, leaves clothes around the apartment and forgets to throw away smelly leftovers from last month, tensions run high.

Usually, you have two options.

You can:

1) Approach your roommate and tell him or her to clean up.

2) Leave passive aggressive notes around the apartment to try to get your point across.

A comedian named Justin Cousson chose the latter of the options, but he did it in a hilarious way.

Cousson turned his roommate's mess into an art museum with price labels and descriptions for each item left carelessly around the apartment.


This guy's a genius, I know.

The 27-year-old Los Angeles-based comedian became inspired to take pictures of his roommate's mess after his photographer friend had her own exhibition.

He would send her pictures as a joke, but soon realized he was snapping new photos of the grime in his apartment every day.

Cousson told Elite Daily,

I have a photographer friend who just had her own exhibition and I'd send pictures of my roommate's messes showing her that my own gallery was somehow failing, and then, well, I realized there were things to take pictures of. Every. Single. Day.

He posted the photos of his "museum" on Twitter and said, "My passive aggressive art gallery is thriving, although some critics don't care for my emphasis on found pieces."

This "mixed media" piece, including dirty scissors, tongs and a Reeses wrapper, goes for $53,000.


This spoon covered in sour cream goes for $34,000. Its description says, "Sour cream covered spoon, left in sink before leaving town for four days."


His roommate's "forgotten milk, left to actively go rancid in fridge far beyond sell-by date" is going for a whopping $700.


These un-recycled boxes left artistically on the couch are going for $6,000.


His roommate's cheese knife left with cheese remnants on the counter is priced at $500.

Aged cheese is well worth the cost, right?


Another knife that was only used to remove the seal of an ice cream carton — which was also left on the counter — appears to be priceless.

Apparently, the knife block was on the counted in "striking distance" from the knife.


These sneakers almost made it to the shoe rack... but not quite. They were priced at $650.


The museum he created out of his roommate's mess is almost worthy of its own showcase at MoMa.

Apparently, Twitter got a kick out of the photos and have praised Cousson for his creativity.

Some people are laughing so much their ribs are starting to hurt.


People with other messy roommates can definitely relate.


Unfortunately, his roommate of two years is still leaving a mess around the apartment, but at least he can joke about it now.

Elite Daily asked Cousson if the museum worked, and he said,

If it had worked at all, I wouldn't have last night's pizza-coated kitchen scissors, tongs, baking sheet and Reese's Egg wrapper still life. I wouldn't recommend this as an actual approach to dealing with a problem. This is just to keep me sane, and I'm glad so many people out there can relate.

Well, if you find yourself stuck with a messy roommate like Cousson's in the future, take a lesson from him and make their mess into art.

Depending on how messy your roommate is (and if he or she has a sense of humor) it might work!

Either way, it's funny AF and I want to give it a try.