A Capella Groups Join Forces To Honor MLK With Amazing James Taylor Cover (Video)

Feel free to sob heavily while listening to this cover of James Taylor's “ Shed A Little Light” by The Maccabeats and Naturally 7.

In the hotly competitive and frequently cutthroat world of professional a capella, it's nice to see groups occasionally put down their... throats (?) to work toward a greater cause.

It's nice to see rivaling non-musical instrument groups cast aside their hatred for rival groups and build something greater.

It's amazing to watch two guys who make their livings by gutturally forcing  "PSSSSHHHH, BOOOM BOOOM" sounds out of their mouths look past the blinding disdain they have for each other and say,

You have seven people in your group, we have 10 people in our group, let's make a 17-person group to raise awareness for a cause.

Naturally 7, a world-famous black a capella group, and The Maccabeats, a Jewish pun-titled group whose Hanukkah parody of that terrible Taio Cruz song from like five years ago went mega-viral, teamed up to pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr and his ideals in this video, and their work is remarkably touching.

You can go back to hating the crap out of each other now.

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