The New iOS Is Destroying Everyone’s iPhone Battery, So Maybe Don’t Update Yet

Marija Mandic

We live in a world where technology rules almost every aspect of our lives. For most of us, cell phones have become a lifeline we basically can't function without.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a lot of people are freaking out over their iPhones randomly dying without warning.

That's right: Lately, a lot of people have been reporting that the latest iPhone update is wrecking havoc on their battery life.

Many iPhone users have been leaving comments on, claiming the newest software update is now causing their phones to randomly power down, despite the fact that the phone shows about 30 percent of battery left.


Others are saying the latest iPhone update is draining battery and causing the phone to lose most of its charge after being unplugged from its charger.


Apparently, people started to report the software glitch shortly after the iOS 10.1 software upgrade became available.


Apple has since launched another update: the iOS 10.1.1 software.

However, it seems a lot of iPhone users are having problems with their battery as a result of this update as well.


One iPhone user left a comment on Apple's website regarding the issue.

It jumps from 30 percent charge to 1 percent in a few seconds, then shuts down. As soon as it reboots after connecting to a charger, it show 30 percent charge. When I unplug it right away, it still shows 30 percent and runs like nothing happened for a good few hours.

Others have brought their issues to the attention of the Twittersphere.


It appears some people are tweeting about their iPhone troubles in the hopes that one of Twitter's tech geniuses might know how to fix the problem.


Meanwhile, others are simply using social media to vent about their crappy battery life.


Apple has yet to comment on the issues with its software update.

However, if you're not a big fan of your phone randomly dying at 30 percent battery, you might want to hold off on updating your iPhone until Apple finds a fix for this problem.

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