The iPhone Turns 10 This Week — Here's What We Can Expect In Another 10 Years


A time before the iPhone is almost unfathomable, but believe it or not, we are only reaching the device's 10-year anniversary this week.

In celebration of this milestone, Apple customers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 8. We've wondered about its size, its updated features, and of course, its arrival. Predictions have kept us on the edge of our seats and the latest news always finds its way into our feeds.


We're hooked, and leaving the house without our iPhone is simply not an option. We've been there every step of the way, for every new development and every new feature. It's safe to say there's no turning back now.

Even though our minds are set on the phone's first 10 years of existence, some techies are taking things to the next level and predicting what we can expect in 2027.

Alex Kruglov, the CEO of the SmileTime video chat website, told USA Today he believes the iPhone will become less like a phone and more like a product that's "utilitarian" and "part of the body."

Gene Munster, who runs the Loup Ventures fund in Minneapolis, shared the same sentiment with Kruglov and believes the future of phones will be devices that you "seemingly interact with" and perhaps wear as either glasses or contacts, according to USA Today.

Though there is a certain amount of unpredictability when it comes to new technology, this "body area network" concept is definitely on people's minds. As Christopher Mims of the Wall Street Journal put it, we can expect a device "of computers, batteries, and sensors residing on our wrists, in our ears, on our faces, and who knows where else."

We still have some time before 2027, though you've certainly seen how quickly the first 10 years went. Here's to the evolution of the iPhone and the future device that we'll cradle the same way a child does his blanket.