Genius iPhone Trick Promises You'll Never Send An Angry 'Duck You' Text Again

If you have an iPhone, you can admit it. It's happened to you before.

You're mad as hell, you're describing a bad day to one of your friends and then, well, you just can't hold it in anymore.


It's cool. Things happen, and you're human. You know what's not cool though?

That ducking autocorrect ducking around and changing your every ducking word while cursing, when the last thing on your mind is a ducking duck.

Yeah, not cool. Luckily, someone has come up with a solution.

Twitter user Steven Thrasher posted a brilliant new hack that's meant to help all iPhone users fix what has become known as one of the more annoying autocorrect tendencies.

On Thursday, Thrasher wrote,

Best life hack ever: add "fuck fucker" & "fucked fucking" to your iPhone contacts & never mess with correcting "duck" "ducked" etc again.


Now, you might ask if autocorrect is really that annoying, why wouldn't we all just turn it off? Well, to that, I have two things to say.

First, no one wants to have that regrettable moment when you take off autocorrect, and all of a sudden you misspell a word while sending an important email.

After all, it's during those formal conversations that autocorrect comes most in handy.

But those informal conversations with your friends? Yeah, there's often not much correct with those.

Second thing I have to say is, shut up and stop being a buzzkill, because Thrasher's suggestion is great. Mic staff writer Melanie Ehrenkranz even tried it out herself and the hack passed the test with flying colors.

Mic/Melanie Ehrenkranz


Now all Apple has to do is find a way to fix all 27685 of its other unnecessary autocorrects and we'll be all good. And I know exactly where they should start.

I'll give them time.

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