The iPhone 7 Is Really A Penis, According To Its Slogan's Chinese Translation


Apple may be marketing a bit more than it bargained for with the slogan it used for the release of the iPhone 7.

For Cantonese speakers, "This is 7," can be translated as, "This is penis," or "Here is penis." Whoops.

“Seven,” or 柒, is pronounced "tsat," and is also slang for "penis" in Cantonese, which is the majority language of Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta region of China. Apple obviously failed to consider the translation of its new slogan into other languages.

Saying that, the word isn't thaaat bad. You'd use it if your friend dropped their coffee; rather than if you caught your friend sleeping with your SO. It's more to express friendly annoyance, rather than to aggressively derogate.

Of course, the internet is finding Apple's slip-up very exciting:

Cantonese speakers must have been very confused with Apple's new marketing strategy. Is this self-effacement or has Apple designed its new phone specifically to enhance dick pics?

The camera on the iPhone 7 has been dramatically improved...

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