These Tiny Robots Will Wait In Line For The iPhone 7 For You

After taking so many of our jobs with their self-serve checkouts, ATMs and phone operators, robots are now taking our place in line.

Thankfully, that could be a good thing. Who wants to wait in line?

People are already lining up for the iPhone 7, but Spark, a New Zealand-based Apple carrier, has put robots to work.

Instead of you waiting it out on some sidewalk, their robots stood in place for you.

Clive Ormerod of Spark said,

Technology these days is so much more advanced than it used to be, so why shouldn't our customers have their tech queue for them instead?

A 100 of these robots were bought by Spark and have been waiting patiently in line since September 9, while the humans assigned to the Alpha 1 bots have been live-streaming from home.

The robots are controlled by using the customer's phone through an app.

They can do pushups, yoga, kung fu and, of course, dance. On top of that, the people receiving the new phones got to keep the robot.

What's... what's stopping people from just grabbing them and running? I'm not saying I live a life of crime but... it's a free street robot.

Also... why do they look so angry? WILL THERE BE A ROBOT UPRISING?!

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