The Internet's At War Over Whether This Hot Teacher's Outfits Are Appropriate

Is this teacher dressing inappropriately?

You're going to have to decide for yourself because the internet is 50/50 on this one. Half the internet is mad at the woman over how she dresses, and the other half is mad people are mad at the woman for how she dresses.

I'm already confused.

Paris Monroe is an elementary school teacher who likes to document her outfits on her Instagram.

While she seems to be dressing up more for a day teaching at elementary school than most people do when going to the club, lots of Twitter users are defending her sartorial decisions.

One user responded,

If that hot teacher lady wore a damn pantsuit it's not gonna change the fact that her ass is fat y'all need to stop being bitter.

I think the point here is she isn't wearing a pantsuit, she's wearing skin-tight bandage dresses or mini-dresses with heels. It may be worth noting she's not wear a pantsuit in any of her photos on her Instagram account.

Unsurprisingly, the teacher has attracted some very passionate and outspoken (male) supporters.

My teacher come to school in this, I'm playing house with HER. — OXTAIL GAWD (@ThatDudeMCFLY) September 12, 2016

Some of the advocators of the teacher's style, however, are arguably shooting themselves in the foot. They are arguing for her freedom to show her body while categorizing her as the "hot teacher."

Twitter users are condemning those who oppose the outfits as anti-feminists:

One thing that is particularly annoying is people treating feminism as if it is a unitary school of thought -- like there is a correct way to be a feminist and an incorrect way to be a feminist -- which is not the case.

Feminism, like most other ideologies, has many internal divisions. Therefore, what one feminist may think, another feminist may disagree with, without either party being undermined in his or her identification as a feminist.

And thus, the debate continues.

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