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Can You Tell Which Of These Pictures Are Dogs And Which Are Bagels?

This is a great call. A deliciously adorable, great call.

Aside from fur, a face, four legs, a tail, a working circulatory system and a personality, what is really the difference between a dog and a bagel? Are they both not different versions of man's best friend?

Dogs are there for companionship and to be buddies on long hunting trips. Bagels are there when you need to eat egg and cheese but have an FU attitude toward forks.

But, have you ever seen a dog and a bagel in the SAME ROOM?!?!? *mind explosion*

You ever think maybe they are THE SAME?!?!?! *double mind explosion*

I present to you this viral picture as exhibit A. *a third mind explosion*



Actually, on that note, every dog kind of looks like some type of food, right?

And while we're on the subject, some dogs also kind of look like giant, fluffy penises.


Man, nature is CRAZY.

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