These Are The Cities You Should Travel To For The Most Instagram-Worthy Sunsets

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

Ah, sunsets. If Instagram were a city, then sunset photos would be prime real estate.

Thanks to Modernize, we now know which city's sunsets will get you the biggest bang for your buck -- as far as Instagram likes go. After analyzing 2.5 million photos tagged "sunset" or "sunrise", Modernize narrowed it down to the top 20 cities with the most photos of the sun.

Keep scrolling to view a few of our favorites.

13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10. Santa Monica, California

7. London, United Kingdom

5. Denpasar, Indonesia

4. New York, New York

2. Paris, France

And drumroll, please...

1. Los Angeles, CA

Yeah, that's right. For the complete list of the most Instagrammable city sunsets, go here.

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