Viral Instagram Mom Uses Kids To Do Insane Yoga Poses And They DGAF

by Hope Schreiber

Charity LeBlanc is passionate about yoga.

She also is a mother-of-two and anyone with kids can tell you a parent must improvise to get that "me time" in.

In this case, LeBlanc incorporates her children into her workout.

Her 5-year-old son Oakley looks like a true yogi, bending and stretching with his Instagram-famous mom.


Meanwhile, 2-year-old Felicity truly captures what most of us feel after someone we love tries to drag us to a yoga class.


Learning handstands with mom is clearly a pastime.

"I'm not sure what's happening, but there are pancakes so I'll guess I'll show up."


Charity started to get into yoga after she gave birth to Oakley in order to get back into shape.

She enjoyed it so much, she continued it during her second pregnancy and after.

It's great bonding time, but it looks like Felicity's mind is elsewhere, probably thinking about those pancakes.


Charity practices yoga every day and lets her children name her moves. The one seen above is named the "double rainbow."

She told BuzzFeed News,

They loved to watch me do the movements even as little infants. Now, they think it's awesome that their mom is a moving jungle gym, and sometimes pull out the mats themselves.

When you're just trying to get some snuggles, and your mom and brother are actin' like they're in the circus...

At least Oakley has her back and hands Felicity her dropped pacifier at the end of the video. That is a great sibling bond.

Charity works with her two children slowly until she knows they're ready for to perform a new move.

She finds it's an amazing way to develop trust and work on their motor skills.


She said,

I get to work on myself, stay fit, and play with my kids all at the same time.

This is different from what my mom always says:

Get away from me, I'm not your mother. Who are you?

Love you, mom.

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